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The Lion Has Roared; Who Will Not Fear?

January 23, 2022 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: The Lion Roars

Topic: Expository Preaching Scripture: Amos 3:1– 5:27


1. The Lion is roaring at you, fam (3:1-10)

     a. The one who roars (3:1a)

     b. The ones he roars at (3:1b-8)

     c. The ones invited to examine the Lion’s evidence (3:9-10)


2. The Lion is going to tear you to shreds for your unrepentant sins, Fam

     a. There will be political collapse (3:11)

     b. Property will be destroyed (3:12-15)

     c. People complicit in the sins, by their enjoying the profits of those sins, will be hauled away (4:1-5)


3. The Lion has already given fair warning, fam

     a. He sent famine and you did not repent (4:6)

     b. He sent drought and you did not repent (4:7-8)

     c. He sent crop failure and you did not repent (4:9)

     d. He sent COVID and you did not repent (4:10)

     e. He sent death and you did not repent (4:11)

     f. He will take you all to judgement because you will not repent (4:12-13)


4. The Lion is giving you another chance, fam

     a1. Seek God now! (5:4-9)

          a2. Or pay for your sins against the weak (5:10-13)

     b1. Seek good now! (5:14-15)

          b2. Or pay for all your iniquities against the poor (5:16-17)

     c1. Stop seeking the day of the Lord now! (5:18-20)

          c2. Or pay for your hypocrisy (5:21-24)


Conclusion (5:25-27)

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