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Staff members at Grace Fellowship Church 


Paul Martin

Senior Pastor

Paul Martin is the senior pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto, Ontario. After leading the plant in 2000, he was involved in helping three other churches start in the city. He hopes to be involved in launching many more. His passion for training leaders has led him to teach at local seminaries, as well as oversee a long-standing mentoring program for potential future pastors. His love for the kind of Gospel cooperation modelled by his hero, George Whitefield, inspired his work with the Grace Connexion, the Hogtown Baptist Pastors’ Fellowship, the Toronto Gospel Alliance9Marks, and The Gospel Coalition Canada. His zeal for the preaching of God’s Word has led to work with The Charles Simeon Trust. His affection for the disabled community, especially after disability entered his family through his son, has given him opportunities to speak for The Elisha Foundation and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. It also prompted his zeal to protect the unborn and work closely with a local pregnancy care centre. He has been married to Susan for more than twenty-five years and loves to spend time with her and their four children. Sadly, he is a pathetically loyal fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs and remembers well the last time they won the Stanley Cup. He was 10 months old.

Paul can be reached by email here.

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Steve Kim

Associate Pastor

Steve Kim was born and raised in Toronto. He started attending Grace Fellowship Church in 2010, but left with 17 others to plant Grace Fellowship Church Don Mills in 2011. There he met his wife Kathy and the Lord has since blessed them with two daughters, Corrie and Lily.

After completing a year long pastoral internship at the church plant, Steve was called back to Grace Fellowship Church to serve as the assistant minister in October 2015. He was ordained as an elder in December 2017.

One of the things that brings Steve joy in pastoring this local church is seeing how the Lord has brought a multitude of nations together through the power of the Gospel. When he isn’t spending time with his family or serving his church, you will likely find him fishing or cycling.

You can add Steve as a friend on Facebook using the link below. He can be reached by email through the contact page.




Dwight Miller

Associate Pastor

Dwight Miller was born in Jamaica and arrived in Canada with his family at age six. At seventeen, God graciously saved him. In 2011 he came to Grace Fellowship Church with his then-girlfriend, Candice. They loved the biblical teaching and immediately found many opportunities to serve and be served. Dwight and Candice are now married and the Lord has blessed them with two children, Isaiah and Faith.

Dwight has faithfully served in many capacities (especially in GraceYouth) for several years and was ordained as an elder in December 2017. His goal is to continue growing in the Lord and loving the Lord's people until Christ returns.

You can add Dwight as a friend on Facebook using the link below. He can be reached by email through the contact page.



Allie Martin

Administrative Assistant

Allie Martin works part time in the church office, in between hospital shifts as a nurse. She works with ministry leaders to support programs and organize volunteers, and helps with the day-to-day operations of the office. If you have questions about church life or want to get connected, she would be more than happy to help! Allie can be reached through the contact page, or by email.