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About Our Children's Ministry

We are happy to offer a variety of childcare programs for children of different ages. The style of these programs changes depending on the service (see below for details). Children are always welcome to stay in the service with the adults.

Early Years Ministry

Our Early Years Ministry is run by screened, trained, and eager volunteers who love caring for our kids aged 0-5 years old. Currently, all children are pre-registered into cohorts and assigned a service time. The program runs during all Sunday services (10am, 5pm). 

All children in Early Years need to be registered at the desk in the upstairs hallway before the service starts. As their parent, you will be given a security tag and a buzzer so that the supervisor can contact you during the service if necessary.

Special Needs Ministry

If you have a child or family member who needs extra assistance during the service, we can provide individual support in or outside of the church service or children's programs. We welcome everyone into our services and would love to work with you and your family to make your visit as easy as possible! To connect with this team, it would be helpful if you can contact the church office before your visit, or speak to the Early Years Supervisor at the registration desk.


Children ages 6-12 are assigned to a GraceKids class that meets on Sunday nights during the prayer meeting (5:00-6:00PM). While the format of these classes looks different throughout the year, they generally include an age-appropriate lesson, catechism memorization, games, and prayer. 


Teens from Grace 7 through Grade 12 are invited to join GraceYouth, which meets on Sunday nights from 5:00-6:30PM. Our youth gather to study the Word, play games, develop friendships, and spend time in small groups. GraceYouth runs a half hour longer than the Sunday night service.


Keeping our Kids Safe

All volunteers in our children's ministry have completed an application process that includes a written application, interview, vulnerable sector screen, reference check, and Abuse Prevention Policy training. Each ministry has a team leader who provides oversight and ensures that volunteers receive ongoing training and supervision. Staff are involved in decision making and implementation, and the Abuse Prevention Committee operates as an advisory board.

Every child under 12 is checked in and out by two senior volunteers, who remain in the hallway providing support and oversight during the programs. The HOST Team leader and security volunteer provide additional supervision.