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We are a group of Christians committed to living to the glory of God in all of our lives. We believe that the more we are satisfied in God, the more He is glorified through us. To that end, we are seeking to live like what God says about Himself in the Bible is really true.

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Grace Fellowship Church was founded in early 2000 under the leadership of pastor Paul Martin who observed that at that time there were only a handful of healthy churches to serve the millions who live in this city. The church was planted with assistance and oversight from Trinity Baptist Church in Burlington, beginning with a prayer meeting before advancing to a Bible study and, finally, Sunday services. As attendance increased, these meetings were moved from the Martin home to the Nickerson home and, finally, to Timothy Christian School.

By 2003 the church was firmly established and both Paul Martin and Murray Robinson were ordained to the office of elder. At this point the oversight of Trinity Baptist Church came to an end and Grace Fellowship Church became fully independent.

Over the years many things have changed—ministry structures have come and gone, church service times have changed, ministries and ministry positions have been added or taken away—but the foundation of the church has remained unshaken. We remain committed to the core doctrine and practices of the Christian faith and to taking the gospel to the Greater Toronto Area.

We have had the privilege of being involved in planting three churches in the Toronto area: Grace Chapel in Markham, New City Baptist Church in the downtown core, and Grace Fellowship Church Don Mills; as well as commissioning a pastor and 30 of our members to Royal York Baptist Church in Etobicoke. It is our hope and desire that we will be involved in planting many more churches in our city.

Today we have a little over 300 people who call this church home and we continue to meet at Timothy Christian School where we also have our church offices.