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The Last Roar

March 6, 2022 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: The Lion Roars

Topic: Expository Preaching Scripture: Amos 8:1– 9:15



1. The Day of Judgment Is Set

     a. The Time Is Settled (1)

     b. The Reason Is Sure

          i. You Are Cruel to the Weak (4)

          ii. You Can’t Wait for Monday (5)

               1) You Crush the Needy (6)

          iii. The Means Is Certain

               1)  Earthquake (7-8)

               2)  Eclipse (9-10)

               3)  Evacuation (11-14)


2. The Extent of God’s Judgment Is Comprehensive

     a. There Will Be Nowhere To Hide (1-4)

     b. There Will Be no Way To Resist (5-6)

     c. There Will Be no Divine Nepotism To Hope for (7-10)


3. The Salvation of God’s People Is Secure

     a. The True Israel Will Be Established (11-12)

     b. The True Israel Will Be Blessed (13)

     c. The True Israel Will Be His. Forever. (14-15)


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