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Him Exalting, Self Abasing

March 8, 2020 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: Job

Topic: Expository Preaching Scripture: Job 38:1– 42:6


Speech One 


1. God is sovereign over evil

     a. He made everything good (Job 38:1-7)

     b. He limits the work of evil (Job 38:8-11)

     c. He will rid the creation of all evil one day (Job 38: 12-15)

     d. He alone knows the depths of evil (Job 38:16-18)

     e. He alone knows the extremities of heaven and hell (Job 38: 19-21)

2. God is sovereign over what appears to us to be wild and random

     a. In the natural world

          i. He directs the elements in their disruptive power (Job 38: 22-24)

          ii. He directs the elements in their constructive power (Job 38: 25-27)

          iii. He is the source of the elements He uses (Job 38:28-30)

          iv. He directs the works of the spiritual beings (Job 38: 31-33)

          v. He directs the timing of when all these things happen (Job 38:34-38)

     b. In the animal kingdom

          i. Some die so others might live (Job 38: 39-41)

          ii. Some live in quiet obscurity (Job 39:1-4)

          iii. Some run free (Job 39:5-8)

          iv. Some cannot be domesticated (Job 39:9-12)

          v. Some survive despite their carelessness (Job 39:13-18)

          vi. Some fear nothing (Job 39:19-25)

          vii. Some soar unfettered (Job 39:26-30)

3. Conclusion to speech one

     a. God challenges Job to defend himself (Job 40:1-2)

     b. Job acknowledges the sovereignty of God (Job 40:3-5)

Speech Two


1. The sovereign God is the only powerful and fair Judge of all

     a. Go ahead and put on my robes and pick up my gavel (Job 40:6-14)

     b. You are just as likely to control Behemoth (Job 40:15-24)

     c. You are just as likely to catch Leviathan

          i. No one can catch him (Job 41:1-2)

          ii. No one can tame him (Job 41:3-5)

          iii. No one can eat him (Job 41: 6-9)

          iv. He is a terrible creature, but I am not afraid of him (Job 41: 12-24)

          v. He is a mighty creature, but not as mighty as Me (Job 41: 25-32)

          vi. There is no match for him on earth, except for Me (Job 41:33-34)

2. Conclusion to Speech Two

     a. Job admits he is not God (Job 42:1-2)

     b. Job admits he has spoken incorrectly about God (Job 42:3)

     c. Job repents (Job 42: 4-6)

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