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Faithful Wounds

March 1, 2020 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: Job

Topic: Expository Preaching Verse: Job 32:1–37:24


Speech One: We need a prophet (Job 32:1-33:33)      

     Part One: Here is why I am opening my mouth

          A. I am going to prophesy (speak on behalf of God) (Job 32:6-10)

          B. I need to prophesy because you Three Friends have no answers (Job 32:11-16) 

          C. I need to prophesy because I am under the constraint of the Spirit (Job 32:17-22)

          D. I will prophesy directly to you, Job (Job 33:1-7)

     Part Two: Here is what I am going to say

          A. Your defence is faulty, Job (Job 33:8-13) 

          B. God speaks in more ways than one

               i. God may speak through our conscience (Job 33:14-18)

               ii. God may speak through our sufferings (Job 33:19-28)

               iii. God may also speak through prophets like me (Job 33:29-33)

Speech Two: God is fair, not unjust (Job 34:1-37)

     A. God is independently pure, just, fair and powerful all of the time (Job 34:10-15)

     B. God is omniscient, omnipotent and just (Job 34:16-28)

     C. God is God even when He is silent (Job 34:29-37)

Speech Three: God is unchanging, yet answers real prayer (Job 35:1-16)

     A. God is not altered in His nature by your transgressions or your trouble-making (Job 35:1-8) 

     B. God is “changed” by real prayer (Job 35:9-16)

Speech Four: The afflictions sent by God are not purposeless (Job 36:1-25)

     A. God is just and fair all the time (Job 36:1-7)

     B. God uses affliction in our lives to expose sin 

          i. The righteous will repent (Job 36:8-11)

          ii. The unrighteous will be hardened in their sin (Job 36:12-16)

      C. Be righteous in your affliction Job and humbly worship the Lord 

          i. Do not let yourself drift (Job 36:17-21)

          ii. Maintain your humble worship (Job 36:22-25) 

Interlude: The Water Cycle (Job 36:26-37:13)


Concluding Plea: Turn back to God, Job (Job 37:14-24)

     A. Stop playing God, Job (Job 37:14-20)

     B. Stand down, Job (Job 37:21-24)

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