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I Know That My Redeemer Lives

February 9, 2020 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: Job

Topic: Expository Preaching Verse: Job 15:1–26:14


Round Two


I. Eliphaz Repeats “the System”

     a. Your words are vaporous lies, Job (Job 15:1-3)
     b. We are all too sinful to be blameless (Job 15:14-16)
     c. The system is the only explanation for your suffering (Job 15:20, 25, 29-30)

II. Job Answers Eliphaz and Looks Past the System

     a. You are a rotten friend (Job 16:1-2)
     b. My problem is God opposes me even though I am blameless (Job 16:9-11)
     c. Yet I still have hope (Job 16:19-22)

III. Bildad Takes Another Shot at Rebuking Job

     a. He is personally offended that Job disagrees with them (Job 18:3)
     b. He demands that the system works (Job 18:5-21)

IV. Job Replies to Bildad

     a. You are a rotten friend (Job 19:1-2)
     b. God is the One opposing me (Job 19:8-11)
     c. Yet, I know that my Redeemer lives (Job 19:23-27)

V. Zophar Attacks Job

     a. He is personally offended at Job’s audacious claims and his rejection of the system (Job 20:3)
     b. He repeats the same system (Job 20:4-5)

VI. Job Refutes Zophar

     a. You are also a rotten friend (Job 21:1-3)
     b. Your system fails: good things happen to bad people (Job 21:7-10)
     c. Your system fails: bad things happen to good people (Job 21:23-26)

Round Three


I. Eliphaz Attacks Job

     a. We are all abominable in God’s sight (Job 22:5)
     b. He repeats the system (Job 22:10-11, 27)

II. Job Answers Eliphaz for the Last Time

     a. He completely ignores Eliphaz
     b. He expresses his wish to have an audience with God (Job 23:1-7)
     c. He reaffirms his blamelessness (Job 23:11-12)
     d. He shows how the system utterly fails (Job 24:1-25)

III. Bildad’s Final Attack

     a. Nobody is good (Job 25:4-6)

IV. Job Answers Bildad and All

     a. You guys are really rotten friends (Job 26:1-3)
     b. God is great
          i. He rules over death and hell (Job 26:5-6)
          ii. He rules over the heavens (Job 26:7-8)
          iii. He rules over all creation (Job 26:9-10)
     c. The great God will deal with evil
          i. He comes in judgment (Job 26:11)
          ii. He judges evil (Job 26:12-14)

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