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(27) The New Jerusalem (Part Three)

October 21, 2012 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: Stand and Conquer: The Revelation Series

Verse: Revelation 21–22

5. You will finally be safe and secure forever in the New Jerusalem

   a. Death is vanquished

   b. God is with us

   c. We are protected

   d.  Every threat is removed

6.  The New Jerusalem overflows with life

   a. The crown of life

   b. The slain Lamb's book of life

   c. The spring of the water of life

   d.  The tree of life

7. In the New Jerusalem, you will be happy forever

   a. No more tears

   b. Total completion

   c. The immediate presence of God

   d. No more sin, just the bride's look into her blessed groom's face



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