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Part 4: How Should a Christian Live?

November 27, 2011 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: The Gospel Revolution

Verse: Romans 6–7

The Gospel Revolution Part 4: How Should a Christian Live?

Romans 6-7


1. Can I do whatever I want?

      Q1. Should I sin a lot in order to show off God’s grace? (6:1-14)

            A1. No. You have died to sin.

      Q2.Should I just ignore my sins since I live under grace? (6:15-23)

            A2. No. I am alive to God.


2. Can I do anything right?

      a.The condemning power of the Law is over for the Christian (7:1-13)

      b. Christians still sin (7:14-16)

      c. Christians still sin because of indwelling sin (7:17-23)

      d. Jesus Christ is the answer to the sins of the Christian! (7:24-25)


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