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We Need a Saviour

April 23, 2023 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: We Need a Saviour

Topic: Expository Preaching Scripture: Judges 1:1– 2:15


1. Dependence on God and reliance on each other lead to victory (1-8)

2. Believers with faith advance into the world (9)

     a. Success in the Hill Country Campaign (hilly terrain just south of Jerusalem)

          i. Hebron (10)

          ii. Debir (11-15)

     b. Mixed Results in the Negeb Campaign (desert south of Jerusalem)

          i. Mrs. Moses’ Family Move Into Arad (16)

          ii. Judah and Simeon Destroy Hormah (17)

     c. Partial victory in the Lowlands Campaign (west of the desert extending to Mediterranean Sea) 

          i. Judah temporarily takes the coastal cities (18)

3. Men of little faith give up the battle too early

     a. Judah does not take the people of the plains… (19)

     b. Benjamin does not fully take Jerusalem (20-21)

     c. Joseph lets those sinners re-gather (22-26)

4. Unwise saints make terms with the sin around them

     a. Manasseh let Canaanite slaves stay in their land (27-28)

     b. Ephraim let Canaanite people live next door (29)

     c. Zebulun let Canaanite slaves remain (30)

5. Unfaithful saints accept sin in their lives

     a. Asher said, “Live and let live, man.” (31-32)

     b. Naphtali went the “forced labour” route with idolators (33)

     c. Dan let some Amorites keep their land (34)

     d. Joseph makes a land grab off of Dan (35-36)

6. God rebukes His half-hearted people who should be making progress (2:1–15)

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