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Delight in God Through What He Has Made

June 19, 2022 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: Delighting in God

Topic: Expository Preaching Scripture: Psalm 19:1–14


1. The Sky is Talking to You

     a. Every day it says, “There is a God.” (1-2)

     b. Every day every one hears it (3-4)

     c. Every day its primary tenant reminds you (5-6)

2. The Bible is Talking to You More Clearly

     a. YHWH’s sufficient instruction turns you in the right direction (7a)

     b. YHWH’s faithful statutes tell you how to live (7b)

     c. YHWH’s holy orders bring you joy (8a)

     d. YHWH’s unstained demands help you to see (8b)

     e. YHWH’s pure message stands the test of time (9a)

     f. YHWH’s reliable and desirable rules will woo and warn you through life (9b-11)

3. You Should Stop Talking to Yourself

     a. You have sins you don't even know about (12)

     b. You have sins you would gladly commit (13)

4. You Should Talk to Your Creator (14)

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