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Strive to Keep a Loyal Heart

November 29, 2020 Speaker: Paul Martin

Topic: Topical Sermons Verse: Psalm 78:1–78:72


1. There is a story all of God’s people need to hear (1-4)

2. God saved a people and told them to stay heart-loyal to Him (5-8)

3. The people rejected God in their hearts

     a. They were disloyal when things got hard  (9-16)

     b. They were unbelieving when the odds were stacked against them (17-20)

4. God punished His people in order to win back their hearts (21-31)

5. The people pretended to repent when they were chastised for their disloyalty and unbelief (32-37)

6. God continued to save and rescue them, even when they were falsely repenting (38-39)

7. The people kept forgetting God was their Almighty Redeemer (40-55)

8. The cycle of spiritual neglect/judgment of God/fake repentances continued

     a. The people forgot God (56-58)

     b. God judged the people (59-64)

     c. God had mercy again (65-66)

9. God provided His people a king with a undivided heart (67-72)