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Part 2: The Conscience

April 12, 2020 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: Unity, Love & Matters of Conscience

Topic: Topical Sermons


1. Every human being has a conscience.

2. The conscience can be damaged in ways that make it operate less

     a. Christians…

          i. Clouded (1 Tim 3:8–9)

          ii. Weakened (1 Cor 8:7)

          iii. Wounded (1 Cor 8:10)

     b. Not Christians…

          i. Defiled (Tit 1:15–16)

          ii. Seared (1 Tim 4:1–3)

          iii. Evil (Heb 10:19–22)

3. How to fix the conscience.

     a. Always listen to it

     b. Always re-calibrate it with Truth

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