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A Glimmer Of Hope

February 2, 2020 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: Job

Topic: Expository Preaching Verse: Job 11:1–14:22

Zophar & Job

Zophar’s Rebuke of Job

     a. You should shut your mouth and take your medicine (Job 11:1-6)

     b. You are too stupid to see God’s verdict on you is already in (Job 11:7-12)

     c. Repent from your secret sins and God will bless you again (Job 11:13-20)

Job’s reply to Zophar

     a. I am not stupid… but your theological system is

          i. Your system makes God unjust (Job 12:1-6)

          ii. Your system makes God unfeeling (Job 12:7-12)

          iii. Your system makes God unpredictable

               1) How does your system account for natural disasters? (Job 12:13-15)

               2) How does your system account for massive failures in leadership? (Job 12:16-21)

               3) How does your system account for the fall of good nations? (Job 12:22-25)

Job’s warning to his friends: You guys need to repent while I look for some face time with God

     a. You are giving prescriptions that don’t match the disease (Job 13:1-6)

     b. You are misrepresenting God (Job 13:7-12)

     c. I will take my case to God, not you (Job 13:13-19)

 Job’s prayer to God

     a. Are my sins not atoned for? (Job 13:20-27)

     b. Have you forgotten what I am made of? (Job 13:28-14:6)

     c. Won’t You please let me die? (Job 14:7-14)

     d. Won’t You please just let me get to the resurrection?  (Job 14:15-17)

     e. Who has any hope? (Job 14:18-22)

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