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Money, Money, Money

November 8, 2015 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: Be Wise, Young Man, Be Wise

Scripture: Proverbs 1:1– 31:31

Money, Money, Money

I. There is a benefit to bucks in the bank

          A. Wealth can protect you in trouble

          B. Wealth enables you to give to others
          14:21, 14:31, 28:27

          C. Wealth enables you to leave a gift to the next generation

II. Wealth is attainable in this life

          A. God is sovereign over wealth and the enjoyment of it

          B. Good wealth comes by hard work
          14:23, 10:4, 21:17, 13:11, 20:21, 28:20

III. Money or the pursuit of wealth can change you

          A. It is better to be poor with integrity than rich without a soul
          15:16, 16:8

          B. Some folks are rich because they are rotten
          11:18, 22:16, 28:8, 28:22, 28:25, 28:6

IV. The mirage of money

          A. Wealth brings its own unique problems
          13:8, 18:11

          B. At best, wealth is temporary
          23:4-5, 27:23-27

          C. Money will not save your soul
          11:28, 11:4, 22:2

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