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Interviewing Lady Wisdom to Be Your Life Coach

June 14, 2015 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: Be Wise, Young Man, Be Wise

Scripture: Proverbs 8:1–36

1. Who are you? (1)

2. What kind of clients are you looking for? (2-5)

3. Can you be trusted?

    a) I only say what is true. (6-9)
    b) I will make you truly rich. (10-11)

4. What do you bring to me?

    a) You get my sisters, too (12)
    b) You get an arrogance antidote (13)
    c) You get real life-help (14)
    d) You get access to royal resources (15-16)

5. Where do you come from?

    a) I live nearby (17)
    b) I live in prosperity (18-19)
    c) I live on the way to justice (20-21)

6. Why do you think you are qualified?

    a) I existed with God before creation (22-26)
    b) I observed how God made everything (27-31)

7. What do I get if I hire you?

8. What happens if I turn you down?

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