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Ten Talks of a Father to His Son (Part Two)

May 3, 2015 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: Be Wise, Young Man, Be Wise

Scripture: Proverbs 4:10–5:23

1.  Talk Five: Stick to Wisdom and You Will Avoid the Wicked and Their Chaos (4:10-19)

          Cling to Wisdom (13)

          Run from Folly (14-17)

          The Wise Improve (18)

          The Foolish Fail (19)

2.  Talk Six: Get Truth into Your Heart and You Will Protect Your Heart (4:20-27)

          Keep the Truth Relevant (20-22)

          Guard Your Heart

3.  Talk Seven: Love Your Wife and No Other (5:1-23)

          A Forbidden Woman Will Lead You to Death (3-6)

          Stay Out of the Temptress’ Neighbourhood (7-14)

          Enjoy the Pleasure of Sex With Your Wife (15-19)

          Don’t Die the Death of a Fool (20-23)

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