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Ten Talks of a Father to His Son (Part One)

April 19, 2015 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: Be Wise, Young Man, Be Wise

Scripture: Proverbs 1:1– 4:9

Talk One: Listen to your parents, not your friends (1:8-19)

          Beautiful Lady Wisdom: Interlude #1 (1:20-33)
          She is available (20-23)
          She will keep you from trouble (24-27)
          She can only be found now (28-33)

Talk Two: Wisdom can be found, and if you find it you will live (2:1-22)
You will discover the right way to live (5-11)
You will avoid sin (12-15)
You will avoid Madam Folly (16-19)
You will find life (20-22)

Talk Three: If you neglect God, you will forfeit success (3:1-12)
Acknowledge God’s sovereignty (5-6)
Respect God’s omniscience (7-8)
Honour God’s Name (9-10)
Accept God’s correction (11-12)

          Beautiful Lady Wisdom: Interlude #2 (3:13-35)
          She is more valuable than anything (13-20)
          She will help you weather life’s storms (21-26)
          She will enable you to do good in the world (27-30)
          She will help you spot and avoid the devious (31-35)

Talk Four: Don’t forget what Grandpa said: Follow the old ways and live (4:1-4)

          Beautiful Lady Wisdom: Interlude #3 (4:5-9)

Talk Five: Stay on the path of wisdom and you will avoid the wicked and their snares (4:10-19)
Cling to wisdom (13)
Run from folly (14-17)

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