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This Secret Virtue, Self-Forgetfulness

January 19, 2014 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: The Philippians Series

Scripture: Philippians 2:19–2:30

1. Self-forgetfulness in Paul

   a. Rejoices in the spiritual progress of other Christians (19)

   b. Honours the people he serves with (22, 25, 29)

   c. Eager to sacrifice personal comforts if that is necessary to love others (26-28)

2. Self-forgetfulness in Timothy

   a. Concerned for the people of God (20-21)

   b. Reliable (22)

   c. A good follower (22)

3. Self-forgetfulness in Epaphroditus

   a. Labours for the good of other Christians (25)

   b. Glad to be serving (2:3-4, 7, 25)

   c. Constantly killing self-pity (26-27)

   d. Willing to die for Jesus and His people (29-30)

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