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(1) God Wants You to be Happy

November 11, 2012 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: Delighting in God

God Wants You to be Happy: Why the best news may be the hardest news to believe and live


I. God made mankind to be happy
   a. God is fundamentally happy in himself (Acts 17:24-25 / John 17:24)

   b. This complete and happy God made humans alone in His image and likeness: happy in God (Genesis 1:26-31 / Genesis 2:15-17 / Genesis 2:18-25)


2. The essence of the first temptation was to accuse God of withholding happiness from mankind.
   a. God’s revelation is questioned (Genesis 3:1-5)

   b. Sin, at its root, is a reach for happiness away from God (Genesis 3:6-7)


3. Salvation is the first step in drawing us back to enjoying God (being happy in God)
   a. We are born slaves to sin (Ephesians 2:1-3)

   b. God saves out of our slavery (Exodus 14:10-14)

   c. Redeemed slaves are still tempted to look for happiness outside of God (Exodus 15:22-24/ Exodus 16:1-3 / Exodus 17:1-4 / Exodus 32:3-6)


4. The purpose of the Christian life is to increase our commitment to our personal happiness in God.

      (John 6:33 / John 4:14 / John 5:40 / John 10:10
      “O greedy man, what will satisfy you if God will not?” -Augustine
      Psalm 36:7-9 / Psalm 27:4 / Psalm 34:8 / Psalm 42:1-2 / Psalm 73:25-26 / Psalm 84:10-11)


5. One day all our days will be unbridled delight in God. (Revelation 21:3-4 / Psalm 84:5)

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