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Revelation Q&A

September 23, 2012 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: Stand and Conquer: The Revelation Series

- Why did you decide to preach Revelation, and why did you think that was a timely message for Grace Fellowship Church today? Do you regret choosing to preach Revelation?

- What does your week look like when you are going to preach Revelation the following Sunday?

- While we get 40 minutes a week in Revelation, while you get closer to 40 hours a week. What is that doing to you, to spend all that time in Revelation?

- Do you have any sense of how going through Revelation may be impacting Grace Fellowhip Church?

- You began the series being clear that you held an amillenialism position, but were willing to change. Can you explain an amillenial view, and then tell us if anything there has changed for you?

- Why do we change from literal to figurative numbers in Revelation?

- Why haven't you spent more time going back to other prophetic literature to help explain Revelation?

- What are some of the potential dangers in getting your eschatology wrong?

- What is the role of humility in holding to an end times position?

- What are just two or three things you hope people take away from this series?

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