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Do Not Provoke or Envy One Another

September 2, 2012 Series: One Another

Scripture: Galatians 5:19–6:3


Sermon Outline

subtitle: Christian, get over yourself!

1.Let us not become conceited!

2.Let us not provoke one another (see also Phil 2:3-6)

3.Let us not envy one another (see also Phil 2:3-6)


Questions answered following the sermon:

1.How can I count others more inportant than myself?

2.Do I have to serve the person who bothers me?

3.How do we serve someone we don't like without being fake?

4.What are some ways spiritual pride can be provocative?

5.What should we do if someoane provokes us?

6.As a Christian, what scripture would you look to when you are being provoked or envied?


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