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(12) Judgment, Now and Then

May 27, 2012 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: Stand and Conquer: The Revelation Series

Verse: Revelation 8:1–10:19


1. Mankind’s supposed sources of power and life are being weakened and exposed (8:2, 7-12)

      a. Devastation of food sources (7)
      b. Destruction of marine life and commerce (8-9)
      c. Deterioration of drinking water (10-11)
      d. Restriction of freedom (12)

      Egypt, plagues, false gods and loyalties…

2. Unbelieving mankind is inviting in and being subjected to terrible demonic influences

      a. Woe #1: Horde of tormenting locust demons (9:1-11)
      b. Woe #2: Innumerable killing horse demons (9:13-19)

3. Judgments don’t save… the Gospel does (9:20-21)


4. Then the End shall come (10:14-19)



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