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Gospel-Centred Mothering Takes Flight

May 13, 2012 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: Topical Sermons

Verse: Titus 2:4–2:5

Introduction:  The Gospel must fuel all the actions of Christians

1.  A High-Altitude Flyover:  The Gospel Drives Behaviour

      a.  Titus begins with the Gospel (1:1-3)

      b.  Titus ends with the Gospel (3:3-7)

      c.  Titus has the Gospel in the middle (2:11-14)

2.  Begin the Approach:  The Gospel Motivates Specific Behaviours

      a.  Older men, older women

      b.  Younger women, Titus, slaves

3.  Land the Plane:  Moms Commend the Gospel as they Live the Gospel

      a.  Gospel-centred husband-loving

      b.  Gospel-centred child loving

      c.  Gospel-centred self-control

      d.  Gospel-centred purity

      e.  Gospel-centred home-working

      f.  Gospel-centred kindness

      g.  Gospel-centred submission to your husband

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