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Endure to the End

October 9, 2011 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: Hebrews

Verse: Hebrews 13:22–13:25

1. Be warned
a. Don't drift away from the Gospel into hell (2.1-4)

b. Don't reject the true future rest for fake earthly substitutes or else you will be condemned (3.7-4.13)

c. Don’t be content with spiritual immaturity in your life or you may be a false Christian who will be denied any further opportunity to repent (5:11-6:12)

d. Don’t go on deliberately sinning or you may close the door to salvation forever (10:19-39)

e. Don’t neglect God’s loving discipline or you may be swept away in the Judgment (12:7-29)


2. Be wooed 

  a. Jesus is superior (1:1-4)

b. Jesus laid aside His glory to become like us and to save us (2:5-18)

c. Jesus saves us by becoming the great (final, true) High Priest ((4:14-5:9)

d. Jesus is God’s guarantee He will truly save us (6:13-20)

e. Jesus is the better-that-the-rest, forever Priest-King (7:1-8:13)

f. Jesus made the one essential sacrifice for sin (9:1-10:18)

g. Jesus enabled thousands before us to endure by faith (11)


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