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Persevering Faith Part 9: Now, Run By Faith!

June 12, 2011 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: Hebrews

Verse: Hebrews 11:32–11:40

How Does Your Life of Persevering Faith Display God and His Promises? Part 9

Now, Run by Faith!

Hebrews 11:32-40

1. You, of all people, should live by faith

            a. The ones commended by God had so little to go on (39)

            b.  You have so much more on which to base your faith (40)


2.  You prove unseen realities as you depend on God, inconsistent and unreliable as you are

            a.  Four fellows you probably wouldn’t want as friends prove this (32)

                        i.  A doubter - Gideon

                        ii.  A pansy - Barak

                        iii.  A womanizer - Samson

                        iv.  A fool - Jephthah 

3. You prove unseen realities as you cling to God whether your path brings triumph or tragedy

            a. Triumphs through faith

                        i. Political triumphs (33)

                        ii. Religious triumphs (33c-34a)

                        iii. Natural triumphs (34b-35a)

            b. Tragedy through faith

                        i. Inhumane treatment and death (35b-36)

                        ii. Violent execution (37a)

                        iii. Unending suffering (37b-38)

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