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Persevering Faith Part 8: Persevere Through Trials

June 5, 2011 Speaker: Paul Martin Series: Hebrews

Verse: Hebrews 11:30–11:31

How Does Your Life of Persevering Faith Display God and His Promises?
You prove unseen realities when you persevere by faith through your trials

Hebrews 11:30-31
1. Persevering faith conquers the world: Jericho A. The world seems an unconquerable obstacle B. God will conquer even if God delays C. Wait for the Day of the Lord D. Use the means of grace to conquer sin in you 2. Persevering faith conquers unbelief: Rahab A. She was a sinner B. She threw in her lot with God C. You are never too sinful to be rescued by God D. You must act on what is true to be saved from ultimate destruction

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