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Job Posting: Associate Pastor

Grace Fellowship Church is looking to fill the position of Associate Pastor, with an emphasis on Member Care. The deadline to apply is August 15, 2021.


The Associate Pastor (Member Care) will be one of the staff elders of Grace Fellowship Church. While each staff elder is a generalist, fulfilling a wide spectrum of pastoring duties, each also has an area of special emphasis to oversee.  The Associate Pastors report directly to the Senior Pastor. The primary areas of oversight in this staff position include:

Assimilation: (~5 hours)

Since Grace Fellowship Church is an elder-led congregational church, there is great value placed on membership.  In many ways, this pastor oversees the first points of contact for people new to the church.

1. Oversee the effective weekly implementation of HOST Teams. 

2. Oversee the membership process, including:

     a. Teach (or oversee the teachers of) the New Members Class.

     b. Interview prospective new members with another elder.

     c. Help foster relationships between new members and existing members.


Elder-Member Visits (~5 hours)

It is the standing goal of the Grace Fellowship Church elders to meet individually with each member at least once per year. The Associate Pastor (Member Care) will:

1. Help all the elders organize visits with the members on their Primary Care Elder List.

2. Assist non-staff elders by meeting with many of their members on their behalf.

3. Keep an up-to-date record of visits.

4. Provide a list of items for prayer concerning members at each Elders’ Meeting.


Counselling: (~15 hours)

While elder-member visits provide an “annual check-up,” some members will request or require more deliberate and extended counsel. The Associate Pastor (Member Care) will:

1. Keep an up-to-date list of professional counsellors to recommend.

2, Follow the Elders’ Counselling Protocol and recommend to professional counsellors as needed.

3. Keep 10 hours per week open for counselling appointments (probably 7, one-hour appointments plus post-meeting notes and reflections).

4. Teach counselling principles and methods as a regular Foundations Class.


Prayer: (~5 hours)

Grace Fellowship Church has sought to keep prayer instrumental, as opposed to supplemental, in all that is done. To this end, the Associate Pastor (Member Care) will:

1. Oversee the weekly Prayer Meeting, including: 

     a. Organize and print weekly prayer bulletin.

     b. Oversee leader schedule for Prayer Meeting. 

2. Plan and execute the fall Morning of Prayer.

3. Plan and execute the January Week of Prayer.


Staff Responsibilities: (~5 hours)

As a full-time staff member, the Associate Pastor (Member Care) will:

1. Attend all the public gatherings of Grace Fellowship Church. 

2. Arrive prepared for and attend the regular elders’ meeting, plus the weekly staff meeting, interns meeting, and sermon and service preview meeting.

3. Attend and occasionally lead staff morning devotions.

4. Attend and participate in occasional events like the Hogtown Baptist Pastors’ Fellowship, the Grace Fellowship Church Weekender, and others. 


General Pastoral Duties: (~5 hours)

The Associate Pastor (Member Care), like all the other elders, is the Primary Care Elder for a part of the membership and will fulfill all the duties assigned to that role. He will also be expected to step in and fulfill other responsibilities as assigned by the Senior Pastor. 


Preaching: (~0-15 hours)

The Associate Pastor (Member Care) will be tasked to preach 5-10 times per year.  On those weeks in which he is scheduled to preach, it is assumed he will modify his schedule to accommodate the time needed to prepare and deliver a sermon.



The candidate must display godly character according to the New Testament’s qualifications for an elder and possess at least a Master of Divinity degree. Further training in counselling is a plus. He must be able to work with a collaborative team serving a multi-cultural church as well as live in the Greater Toronto Area in order to maintain normal church office hours. 



Remuneration will be commensurate with experience and is based upon an average 40-hour work week. Employment benefits will include health insurance, RRSP matching, long-term disability, and more. Further details will be provided during the interview process. 



Apply by sending your resume to Pastor Paul Martin at Applications must be received by August 15, 2021.