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Friday, April 5th

5:00pm     Registration Opens
7:30pm     Welcome / Announcements
7:40pm     Worship
8:00pm     Session One (Mary Kassian: The Genesis of Gender)
9:00pm     Worship
9:20pm     Close 


Saturday, April 6th

8:00 - 9:00am      Breakfast
9:00am               Welcome / Announcements
9:10am               Worship
9:20am               Session Two (Mary Kassian: Biblical Womanhood and Wisdom)
10:20am              Worship
10:30am              Break
11:00am              Session Three (Linda Baartse: Gospel Centered Singleness)
12:00-1:30pm      Lunch Break
1:30pm               Q&A with Mary Kassian and Linda Baartse
2:30pm               Break
3:00pm               Worship
3:15pm               Session Four (Mary Kassian: Sending Out an SOS)
4:15pm               Worship
4:30pm               Conference Close