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Statement of Purpose


The purpose of Grace Fellowship Church is to glorify the God of the Scriptures

by maintaining and promoting His worship both individually and corporately,
- through weekly worship services (which shall include singing, prayer, preaching, etc.)
- through weekly meetings for prayer
- through personal mentoring and training (as in our men's and ladies' groups, and separate children's ministry)
- through the pure and faithful celebration of the ordinances of the New Covenant (water baptism and the Lord's Table)

by evangelizing sinners,
- through personal relationships telling others of the good things God has done for us
- through the weekly preaching of God's Word
- by special events wherein the general public is invited to participate
- via occasional relationships, especially those established through our humanitarian ministries and services
- by offering a defense of the Christian faith to those that ask

and by edifying His saints
- through our weekly bible study (Wednesday nights)
- through the preaching of God's Word
- by establishing and promoting our library
- through instructive seminars and studies (held at different times throughout the year on various topics)