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Session One

Genesis of Gender (Mary Kassian)
What makes women tick? What makes men tick? If we want to figure it out, we need to look back to creation and have a look at God’s original design for human beings. Mary Kassian will identify gender distinctives evident in the creation story which will help you understand the differences between the sexes, why these differences exist, and how to navigate your way through the modern-day gender jungle.

Session Two

Biblical Womanhood and Wisdom (Mary Kassian)
Would you be most accurately described as a wise woman or as a wild woman? Mary Kassian will take you to Proverbs chapter 7 to contrast wildness and wisdom so every woman can learn how to display godly wisdom in a world gone wild. 

Session Three

Gospel-Centered Singleness (Linda Baartse)
Linda will explore ways in which God used single women in the Bible. From here she will offer insight on how to live for God's glory as a single women, how to serve single women in your church, and how to prepare your daughters for the possibility of being single. 

Session Four

Sending Out an SOS (Mary Kassian)
When women refuse to embrace godly femininity they will at the same time discourage men from being men. When an individual, a family, a church or an entire nation confuse roles in this way, huge consequences must inevitably follow. Mary Kassian shows how an understanding of biblical roles affects families, economics, churches, and every part of society.