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The Gospel Revolution

Date: December 11, 2011

Speaker: Paul Martin

Series: The Gospel Revolution

Scripture: Romans 12:1–:21

The Gospel Revolution Part 6: The Call to a Revolutionized Life

Romans 12.1-21

1. Sacrifice yourself (1-2)

2. Prioritize humility (3)

3. Serve appropriately (4-8)

4. Authentically love (9-21)

      a. Act in love like Jesus did to your friends in the church

            i. Chase after your own sanctification (9)

            ii. Commit yourself to God's people (10)

            iii. Be intensely God-focused (11)

            iv. Cling to God through your troubles (12)

      b. Respond in love like Jesus would to your friends in the church

            i. Give to alleviate your brothers' needs (13)

            ii. Feel what your brother feels (15)

            iii. Hang out with the forgotten brothers (16)

      c. Respond in love like Jesus did to sinful people that hate you

            i. Stop denouncing and start praying for your persecutors (14)

            ii. Retaliate against your enemies with good (17)

            iii. Conspire for peace (18)

            iv. Conquer evil (19-21)