Part 3: Who is Your Representative? Back to all sermons

The Gospel Revolution

Date: November 13, 2011

Speaker: Paul Martin

Series: The Gospel Revolution

Scripture: Romans 4:1–5:21

The  Gospel Revolution Part 3: Who is Your Representative?

Romans 4.1 - 5.21


1. Adam’s sin is your sin (in every case) (5:12-14)

      a. Adam is your team captain

      b. Adam’s sin is counted against you


 2. Christ’s righteousness can be your righteousness

      a. If you reject positional identification with Adam, you lose positional identification with Jesus (5:15-21)

      b. All the relational acceptance Jesus shares with the Father is shared by all who are represented by Him to the Father (5:1-11)


3. You will only be counted righteous if you have made Jesus your representative (4:1-25)

      a. Abraham’s righteous standing with God before the Law had been given proves this

      b. David’s righteous standing with God after breaking the Law proves this