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The Gospel Revolution

Date: November 6, 2011

Speaker: Paul Martin

Series: The Gospel Revolution

Scripture: Romans 3:21–3:31

Tags: justification, grace, faith

The Gospel Revolution Part 2: The Solution

Justification by grace through faith

Romans 3.21-31


Justified: Declared Not Guilty by God's Free Grace through Faith in Jesus

1.  It is not apprehended by doing good (21)

2.  It is received by everyone who believes (22 -23)

3.  It is totally free (24a).

4.  It cost God everything (24b - 25a)


The implications....

1.  This explains how Old Testament saints were saved (25b)

2.  This explains how we get saved and stay saved today (26)

3.  This explains how God stays perfect (26)

4.  This wrecks all attempts at pride and boasting (27-28)