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Josh (9).JPGJoshua Robinson

Lead Worshipper

Joshua began to attend Grace Fellowship Church in 2002. The Lord impressed upon him a sense of his sin at a young age, but he first understood repentance and regeneration at Grace Fellowship in his teens.  

As our lead worshiper, Josh prayerfully chooses the theologically rich and relevant songs, plans the order of service for Sundays, and leads the band.  His goal is deliberate—to prepare people to hear the Word of God and help them to respond to God Himself afterwards.

In September 2011, the Lord gave Josh a beautiful wife, Amy. These two proud residents of Mimico particularly delight in canoeing, going to concerts, tree-climbing, reading, and singing with each other. 


hobbs_jill_jpgJill Hobbs

Administrative Assistant

The Lord Jesus saved Jill in her preteen years. Since 2007, she has been attending Grace Fellowship Church. In November 2014, she began her work as an Administrative Assistant at GFC. From formatting weekly emails and bulletins to keeping track of expenses and members’ birthdays, Jill has her helping hands in many areas keeping the life of GFC running smoothly. What brings Jill tremendous satisfaction is planning an event and then watching the details unfold moment by moment, brothers and sisters doing their part and the church family enjoying an enriching time together.

Jill lives in Weston with her aunt and uncle, the Robinsons, who have helped her to mature as a believer. And the person who has inspired Jill the most over the years is her Grandma Hobbs, who has always been there and an amazing example to Jill as a Christian woman. Jill loves travelling and spending time with people. Her recent adventures include Dubai, London, Italy and Greece.

 You can reach Jill through our contact page.