Josh (9).JPGJoshua Robinson

Lead Worshipper

Joshua began to attend Grace Fellowship Church in 2002. The Lord impressed upon him a sense of his sin at a young age, but he first understood repentance and regeneration at Grace Fellowship in his teens.  He grew up with faithful, God-fearing parents and two sisters in a close-knit family that loved doing everything together, from cottage vacations and school performances to Saturday pizza dinners.

Josh loves how Grace Fellowship people joyfully submit to God's Word, to their leaders, and to one another.  And he loves that Grace Fellowship Church is a singing church.  What a pity it would be if all the songs we sing before and after a sermon on Sunday are merely "nice" fillers!  What a loss, if we are just going through the motions on Sundays.  At Grace Fellowship, we don't want time to be wasted like that.

As our lead worshiper (not just a worship leader), Josh prayerfully chooses the theologically rich and relevant songs, plans the entire order of service for Sundays, and leads the band.  His goal is deliberate—to prepare people to hear the Word of God and help them to respond to God Himself afterwards.  So often, the opening greeting, the truths we sing, and the closing benediction work so well together to focus our minds, reinforce the message of the sermon, and stir our everyday worship.   Josh's ministry has been a huge blessing to our church. 

 In September 2011, the Lord gave Josh a beautiful wife, Amy.  Impressed upon him now is the weight and privilege of leading a family Godward and taking his family’s spiritual wellbeing as his responsibility. Josh and Amy are one of the most fun, creative, and welcoming couples you will ever meet.  These two proud residents of Roncesvalles particularly delight in canoeing, going to concerts, tree-climbing, reading, and singing with each other. 


hobbs_jill_jpgJill Hobbs

Administrative Assistant

[Biography coming.]


You can reach Jill through our contact page.