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The New Testament describes two offices within the church: elder and deacon.

Elders or pastors are those who have been called by God to lead and teach in the church, interchangeable terms designating one office. Such men are to teach and lead primarily by dedicating themselves to the Word of God and prayer. At this time Grace Fellowship Church has four elders. 

Paul (1).JPGPaul Martin

Paul W. Martin is a native and long-term resident of Toronto. He holds a B.A. in Biblical Studies from The Master's College and an M.Div. from The Master's Seminary, both of Los Angeles, California. Since 1994 he has pastored churches in Chesley and Toronto, Ontario and is the founding pastor of Grace Fellowship Church. Paul and his wife, Susan, live with their four children in Toronto and have dedicated their lives to the furtherance of the Gospel in their beloved city.

You can read Paul's ongoing thoughts at his blog, kerux noemata or you can follow him on Facebook or Twitter by using the links below. Paul can be reached by email through the contact page.

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Tim (4).JPGTim Challies

Tim and his wife Aileen have been blessed with a son (Nick) and two daughters (Abby and Michaela). Tim has been a member of Grace Fellowship Church since 2005 and became an elder in 2010. He serves as Associate Pastor.

Tim is known as an author, blogger and conference speaker. His blog ( is one of the most influential and widely read Christian blogs. Tim also edits Discerning Reader and is a co-founder of Cruciform Press.

Even though Tim's ministry is to an audience much broader than the local church alone, his heart is still for ministry in the local church. He is involved in leading GraceYouth as well as mentoring several of the young men and young couples from Grace Fellowship. 

Tim can be reached through the contact page or through the contact form on his website.

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Murray (2).JPGMurray Robinson

Murray Robinson grew up in the Weston, Ontario area and continues to have a heart for the gospel in this city. He, together with his wife, Kathy, joined Grace Fellowship several years ago, when we were still meeting in the basement of Pastor Martin's home! Ever since they became a part of things at Grace Fellowship, Murray, Kathy, and their children have been integral to the functioning of our church. 

Murray was ordained to the office of elder, together with Pastor Martin, shortly after we began meeting at Timothy Christian School. He has a passion for sharing the gospel with unbelieving co-workers, friends, and family, and the Lord has been pleased to bless his evangelistic efforts, adding several to our church who were converted through his witness.

You can add Murray as a friend on Facebook using the link below. Murray can be reached by email through the contact page.


Steve (1).JPGSteve Funston

Steve was born and raised in rural southwestern Ontario where he spent his childhood. After high school he pursued a post secondary education in business, but unknown to him at the time, God had other plans for his life. After one and a half semesters he left the program to pursue a career in aviation which took him not only out of the area, but out of the country for a period of two years. It was around this time in his life that God called him, through the gospel of Jesus Christ, to be a child of God.

After returning to Canada he spent just over a year in Toronto firing up his career, which required him to leave southern Ontario for Thunder Bay, with a short stint in Sioux Lookout, and finally returned to Toronto in the fall of 2006.

It's after returning to the city when, for the first time, he attended a service at Grace Fellowship Church. Steve said that he "fell in love with the biblical preaching, the people, and the passion of the people to see God glorified," which he said made his decision to stay "quick and easy." And for the first time since leaving high school he was grateful to be in a position to put some roots down.

In May 2013, the Lord blessed Steve with a wife, Caroline. They have a daughter, Blythe. 

You can add Steve as a friend on Facebook using the link below. Steve can be reached by email through the contact page.